Python Basics

Let´s getting started with Python

Python Install

Numerous PCs and also Macs will have python already installed.
To inspect if you have actually python set up on a Windows COMPUTER, search in the begin bar for Python or run the following on the Command Line (cmd.exe):

C:\Users\YourPcsName>python-- version

To examine if you have python set up on a Linux or Mac, open the Terminal and put in:

python-- version

If you locate that you do not have actually python set up on your computer system, then you can download it free of cost from the following website:


Python Quickstart

Python is an interpreted programming language, this implies that as a designer you write Python (. py) files in a full-screen editor and then put those data into the python interpreter to be implemented
The method to run a python data resembles this on the command line:


Where “” is the name of your python data,
allow’s to compose our first Python file, called, which can be performed in any full-screen editor.


inside your editor type:

print ("Hi, I am using Python for the first time!")

Easy as that. Conserve your data. Open your command line, navigate to the directory where you saved your documents, and run: .

C:\Users\Your Name>python 
C:\Users\Your Name>py

The result should look like:

>>> HI, I am using Python for the first time!"

Congratulations, you have actually composed and performed your first Python program.

The Python Command Line.
To test a short quantity of code in python often it is quicker as well as simpler not to create the code in a file. This is implemented since Python can be run as a command line itself.
Type the complying with on the Windows, Mac or Linux command line: .

C:\Users\Your Name>python

Or, if the “python” command did not function, you can attempt “py”: .


From there you can write any kind of python, including our hipython:

C: \ Users \ Your Name > python
Python 3.6.4 (v3.6.4: d48eceb, Dec 19 2017, 06:04:45) [MSC v. 1900 32 little bit (Intel)] on win32.
Kind "assistance", "copyright", "credit ratings" or "permit" to find out more.

>>> print ("Hi, I am using Python for the first time!")

Which will compose “Hey, I am using Python for the very first time!” In the command line.

Whenever you are done in the python command line, you can simply cal the following function to stop the python command line interface: .